What Makes Quality Care a Cut Above the Rest?

Selby Anda Quality Care recognises that everyone deserves access to quality of life services, companionship and support in their own way.  Our aim? To cater to the needs of you or the one you love, by providing tailored services we would one day want ourselves.

Who We Are

Our team consists of managers, hand-picked for their experience in interpersonal relations and quality service.


Suzanna ‘Zsuzsi’ Anda, began her journey towards compassionate care in Budapest, Hungary, working as a registered nurse for sick children and the elderly.  She then spent 17 years in the ‘people person’ sectors of HR, IT management and real estate. Today, her priority is to provide a warm, energetic service for Quality Care, using her unique brand of attentiveness, confidence and personability.


Robyn Selby devoted her life to the health industry, beginning her career in psychology and counselling, before becoming a natural therapist. Interested in the intersection of the mind, body and spirit, she was inspired to become a founding member of Quality Care. A kind, sensitive and uplifting person, Robyn’s commitment to the mental, emotional and spiritual welfare of her clients sees her as an expert provider of Quality Care.

What We Do

  • Quality of Life Services

Our service offers companions who are skilled in delivering that which means the most to you or your friend’s mental and emotional well-being. Whether you need someone to watch the footy with, play poker or enjoy arts and crafts, we will strive to go beyond the routine and fulfill day-to-day adventures that make people happy.

  • Companionship

Quality Care has researched the value of true companionship and knows the importance of ‘matchmaking’ in companionship care. Our consultation process therefore assesses preferred company level, languages spoken, interests, hobbies and personality.  We then select a companion who can complement the individual, so that genuine connections can be fostered.

  • Support

Our team knows social support is vital, and is here to help. Whether it’s a trip to the corner store, a conversation in your mother tongue, or assistance driving to and from an appointment, we know you’ll love the warmth, care, exuberance and enthusiasm that our select companions bring.

So, there you have it! To further discover what makes SAQC ‘a cut above the rest’ visit our ‘How We Can Help’ page. If you’re interested in our consultation process, just click here.