We are looking for a Personal Carer


What if Your work sounded like this…

‘I love the flexibility of hours, we can work out mutually acceptable hours/days that work. I love building up and having a good relationship with my client and their family.’

Job description

Looking for a companion to improve the quality of life of a family member by helping her with practical things. This could be assisting with helping to eat, and getting dressed, go for a walk, engaging with activities in the home and outside.

You’ll also provide emotional support and take time out to chat with your client, which is an important part of her day and one that can help keep feelings of loneliness and isolation at bay.

Seeing your client smile and flourish under your care is just one of the rewards you’ll get.

Your benefit

..not just your happy client who will reap the benefits of having your input into her life, you too will find it an enriching experience discovering walks of life and have experiences and stories shared with you.

 The ideal person for this role

  • up to 2 to 5 days x 4 to 5 hours (including weekends and public holidays, if available)
  • patience always an important quality
  • has empathy
  • experience with senior people
  • is genuine and honest
  • preferably within 40 mins travel from Bondi
  • training  for post brain injury behaviour (to be provided)
  • references
  • start ASAP if you are the successful applicant

Please, contact Orsi via 0477 990 636 or admin@selbyanda.com