The Team

Get to know the team behind Selby Anda Quality Care.

About Selby Anda Quality Care.
They say it’s a matter of mind over body yet sometimes we could use a hand.

Life can throw a few curveballs and take unexpected turns and sometimes the situation at hand goes beyond what we are able to manage on our own.We may watch our parents, friends, family members or people in our community experience hardship and even find ourselves in a state of change.

When we watched our own mother suffer a mishap, suddenly her life and needs changed dramatically and very quickly. We were fortunate to be able to provide her with the care to meet her physical needs and comfort, however have always found that her mental, emotional and spiritual welfare would require a more thoughtful, empathetic and more durable approach.

We felt that the current model of care, particularly that which has been institutionalised or digitised, failed to actually address the preservation of an individual’s quality of life rather than merely keeping one alive or health accommodated. Selby Anda Quality Care was born to fulfill our belief that everyone deserves to access the world in which they live no matter what their circumstances in the way that makes them uniquely fulfilled and happy as physically as practicable, for health of mind and spirit.
Meet The Team!
Robyn Selby

Robyn began her quest to heal in 1980, majoring in psychology at the University of New South Wales. Since then, she’s completed many courses in counselling and become a natural therapist, who practices kinesiology and reiki among other therapies. Robyn’s commitment to professional, personal and spiritual development sees her as an excellent asset for SAQC.

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Suzanna Anda

Suzanna’s desire to help people began in Budapest, Hungary where she worked as a general nurse for sick children, and as a duty nurse for the elderly. Since then she’s had over 17 years’ experience in the ‘people person’ business, working in senior leadership roles in HR, IT management and real estate sectors.

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Michael Grice

Well-presented and articulate, Michael is SAQC’s administrative support system. He has more than 25 years’ experience in senior and executive management roles in the commercial and private sectors. Michael has a dedicated personality and is committed to leading Selby Anda Quality Care to be a provider of high quality home care.

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