Most people wish to stay independent throughout their entire life, however, this is not always possible. We can still do our best to maintain their dignity, happiness and safety by following the 7 tips below to achieve their independence.

  1. Mind and Body Nurturing

Even if a senior isn’t particularly mobile, there are still numerous activities available to keep him or her engaged. Play a board game, build a puzzle, create a little arts & crafts project! Staying active is not just about staying physical but also nurturing the mind.

  1. Safety First

Make sure that their homes fulfill  their requirements. Are they struggling getting up & down stairs? Install a ramp! Are they leaving the stove on? Invest in a timer!  A few minor changes will make a significant difference. Staying safe is one of the most essential parts of ensuring a senior can live independently.

  1. Emotional needs are vital!

Companionship and emotional connection are essential parts of everyone’s life to reduce the risk of feeling isolated.

  1.  A phone call could save their life!

Educate seniors how to use mobile phones and remind them to take it with them at all times in case of a slip or fall. Pre-program important contact numbers.

  1. Compassionate care always comes first

We need to remember that seniors always have the ultimate say in their own care.  

  1. Ensuring Health Care Measures

It is very important to understand their medical needs, including how frequently doctors’ appointments should occur, and how to implement a low-intensity exercise regimen.

Keep these seven strategies in mind, and it will be easier for seniors from all walks of life to maintain their independence, dignity, sense of community and safety as they age. That’s the goal! Seek professional advice when needed to find alternative solutions and help.

It is important to put yourself in their shoes every once in awhile. Don’t treat seniors like children just because they are becoming more co-dependent. They have earned the right to be treated with respect.